Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Greenhouses are open at Cloudland, Hampton, and Happy Valley High Schools.  Please support our CTE programs and the wonderful products that they produce! 

Cloudland High School: 423-772-5300

Hampton High School:  423-725-5200

Happy Valley High School:  423-547-4094


You can download, save, complete and return via e-mail the time sheets below.


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doc File 2012-2013-Admin-EC-Cover-Sheet.doc
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27.50 Kb 10/08/12 My Files
xls File 2012-2013-Administrative-Time-Sheet_11th-Month.xls
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23.00 Kb 10/08/12 My Files
doc File 2012-2013-EC-CONTRACT-COVER-SHEET.doc
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28.50 Kb 10/08/12 My Files
ppt File 2012-2013-Extended-Contract-Powerpoint-Instructions.ppt
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274.50 Kb 10/08/12 My Files
xls File 2012-2013-Time-Sheets-Teacher-12th-Month.xls
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41.00 Kb 10/08/12 My Files
xls File 2012-2013-Time_Sheets-Teacher_11th_Month.xls
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41.00 Kb 10/08/12 My Files