Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Greenhouses are open at Cloudland, Hampton, and Happy Valley High Schools.  Please support our CTE programs and the wonderful products that they produce! 

Cloudland High School: 423-772-5300

Hampton High School:  423-725-5200

Happy Valley High School:  423-547-4094


Mr. Randy Birchfield

Assisstant Principals

Mrs. Lisa Benfield

Mr. Jonathan Fontanez

  Secretary /Bookkeeper

Mrs. Karen Stevens

7 - 12 Counselor

Mrs. Barbara Marek

Media Specialist

Mrs. Cheri Miller

School Resource Officer

Officer Phipps



Mrs. Cindy Birchfield (Resource teacher)

Mr. Matt Birchfield (PE, Wellness, Weightlifting and Girls' Basketball)

Mr. Danny Blevins (English IV, Appalachian Heritage,  English III, and Honors English III)

Mr. Herman Boone (Art, Journalism, Personal Finance)

Mrs. Misty Buchanan (Econ/Gov, Ancient History, ACT Prep)

Mr. Kenneth Chambers (Algebra I)

Mr. Gary Harrison (8th Language Arts, PE)

Mrs. Holly Houston (Computers)

Ms. Heather Hughes (Alg II, Geometry)

Mr. Brock Pittman (PE I and II, Wellness)

Mr. Sam Potter (Construction Core, Welding I, Welding II)

Mr. Lance Jarrett  (Math)

Mr. Jon Julian (Science)

Ms. Lauren Jaynes (AgriScience, Horticulture, and Greenhouse, Forestry)

Mr. Kevin Kendall (US History, and 8th Social Studies)

Mrs. Kelley - Chemistry I, Physics, 7th/8th Science

Mrs. Vicky Livesay - Special Education

Mrs. Diane Mckinney (Biology I, Biology II, and ACT Prep)

Mrs. Allyson Miller (Middle school Math and Science)

Mrs. Aleta Morgan (Health Sciences)

Mr. Josh Ogle (CHS Band)

Mr. Jon Overbay (Middle School Math)

Mrs. Jennifer Street (English I, English II, English IV)

Mrs. Ashley Turbyfill (7th ELA)

Mr. Robbie Turbyfill (Social Studies)

Mrs. Norma Webb (Spanish I and II)

Mr. Chris Wilson (English I, English IV)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Mandy Buchanan

Mrs. Sydney Forbes

Ms. Shellie McKinney

Support Staff


Mr. Gary Whitehead, Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Hester Barlow

Ms. Bernice Baker

Ms. Judy Williams

Custodial Staff

Ms. Barbara Edney

Ms. Doris Jarrett

Mr. Floyd Odom

Mr. Robert Stout