Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Greenhouses are open at Cloudland, Hampton, and Happy Valley High Schools.  Please support our CTE programs and the wonderful products that they produce! 

Cloudland High School: 423-772-5300

Hampton High School:  423-725-5200

Happy Valley High School:  423-547-4094

We have placed several live cameras at various facilities throughout Carter County. This was done for the purpose of viewing conditions during inclement weather.   

Each camera allows only a specific number of concurrent logins.  If you get no response it is because of excessive viewing of that website.  Check back later to view as others close their webcam windows. 

It would help the situation if, after you have had a peek, you would close your window and allow time for other viewers. 

To view the webcam website page, please click on the picture of the camera or on the link below this box.

If you can't see the webcams you may need to download the FREE Java software from:

********** CLICK HERE FOR WEBCAMS **********