Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Greenhouses are open at Cloudland, Hampton, and Happy Valley High Schools.  Please support our CTE programs and the wonderful products that they produce! 

Cloudland High School: 423-772-5300

Hampton High School:  423-725-5200

Happy Valley High School:  423-547-4094


We are here to help you use the technology that helps students learn, think, and be creative.

Our goal is:
to install equipment and internet services to facilitate state mandated testing

Our shop is located at the main office location just behind the Carter County Board room. Everyone is encouraged to visit, although we may be out and about in the county working at the schools. If you do come by and wish to leave a PC for our technicians to look at, be sure and fill out a service tag located just outside our door. A pen should be available if you do not have one.  We do this to avoid lost computers left at our doorstep. Hope to see you soon!